Operations Software for Franchises and Multi-Outlet Businesses

Manage Procedures, SOPs, Inspections, Checklists and Systems across multiple locations on any device with WorkWare

WorkWare helps your team, franchisees or their staff maintain standardisation across different locations, manage systems and procedures, and complete every task, checklist and inspection accurately and on time.

Repetitive Task Management
Recurring Task Management

Set it up and let it run on autopilot. Manage the tasks, forms and inspections that need to be completed on a regular basis. Ensure those jobs are completed accurately, on time and by the right person, even when those people rarely have access to a computer.

Document Storage
Document Access and Storage

Create systems, reference guides, or SOPs starting with the forms, documents and spreadsheets that you already have. Add equipment manuals, supplier brochures and competitor literature. Grant access to anyone on your team through mobile, desktop or tablet devices.

Detect Issues Remotely

See when crucial tasks have been missed, or when systems are not being followed without needing to be on site. Multiple store owners and franchisors can spot issues with individual locations before they become a problem.

Staff Training

Create new processes, systems and training guides from directly within WorkWare on any device. Add audio, photos or video directly from your computer, tablet or phone to help with learning regardless of language barriers.


Share critical or time sensitive information to your staff who are unable to always check email before starting work. Get full visibility over who is still to read important messages like product recalls or changes to HACCP procedures.

Employee Benchmarking

Evaluate employee performance against metrics that actually matter. Reward team members who manage to get their job done accurately and on time.

Use WorkWare as part of your new or existing quality management system

Quality Management Accreditation Systems

Happy Clients. Happy Users

"Within a few days of using Workware things just started to get done ... and done correctly. Even the new staff understood exactly what was needed without my help.

Not having to constantly monitor and remind people about the little jobs that need doing means we've got more time to spend on things that matter."

Julie Burns, Team Leader, South Corporate Catering

See WorkWare in Action

Schedule a demo of WorkWare and see how easily you can manage systems, tasks and inspections in your business.

Take a Look Inside WorkWare

Repetitive Task and Form Management

WorkWare was built for systems driven companies that need to complete forms, tasks and checklists on a regular basis. Our users use WorkWare for:

  • Managing daily tasks like opening and closing checks or HACCP checks and Daily Records
  • Tasks that require photographic or time-stamped proof like deep cleans or point-of-sale organisation
  • Scheduled employee reviews, weekly pulse surveys, appraisals and return to work questionaires
  • Franchised store or restaurant inspections by regional managers

Automatically distribute tasks, and guarantee that they're completed accurately, on time and by the right person, even when those people rarely have access to a computer.

Complete Task

Process Libraries and Templates

As a franchisor or master account, create a shared library of documents, forms, checklists and information to use in all of your offices or stores.

  • Rapidly create new stores or offices with a full set of documents, procedures and checklists that you've already created.
  • Save time and money in having to collate and distribute packs of paper forms and brochures.
  • Instantly provide access to digital manuals and brochures for commonly used equipment and software.
Shared Libraries

Retain control with Special Privileges

Once granted, special privileges give franchisors and head offices access to make remote changes and updates to their store's accounts.

  • Add or update documents, forms and inspections with full visibility on whether or not it's been read by everyone affected.
  • View tasks and checklists the moment they're completed or overdue, without needing to scan documents or physically be on site.
  • Manage multiple locations centrally and spot breakdowns in procedure without having to manually search for and review paper documents.
Special privileges

Announcements ensure everyone stays up to date

Getting time critical messages to staff who don’t live and die by their email inbox is tricky. Ensuring they’ve received, read and understood that message is even more difficult.

Our users use Announcements for:

  • Team briefings and sales updates
  • Communicating stock items that need to be used or sold that day
  • Relaying messages to staff working early or late shifts when a manager isn't present
  • Updates from head office on new retail promotions and point of sale organization
  • Critical alerts and updates about recalls and issues in the supply chain

Announcements guarantee your message has been read. As every view is tracked, you can quickly see who hasn’t received or read an important briefing.

Smart Folders

Make every team member accountable

Paper forms and checklists sometimes work well, but they don't capture all of the information we need. Staff also develop 'checklist blindness' over time, marking tasks as done, but often missing steps or key details.

Our users see a drastic increase in the quality of work being done when requiring proof through WorkWare, such as photos for deep cleans or point of sale setup. Each task or inspection on WorkWare can be as simple as a tick or you can ask for other inputs like:

  • Bar-code or QR Code scans of stock or location tags (e.g on the back of a door that needs to be closed)
  • Comments, signatures and feedback
  • Photos directly from the phone or tablet’s camera

Whenever a task is completed, every step is logged along with the exact time and date and the user's location where they completed it.

Scan Barcodes on Mobile

One place for all of your information

Files are often stored in different places like on computers, shared drives, email and cloud services like Sharepoint or Dropbox. Even if your team knows where to find the information, controlling access for specific files can be a problem.

With a simple drag and drop upload, you can add:

  • Equipment Manuals and Servicing Guides
  • Allergen information sheets and ingredients for all the products you use
  • Scanned Agreements, Contracts, Certificates and Supplier Questionaires
  • COSHH Datasheets for chemicals and cleaning products
All Information in One Place

Eliminate time spent searching for documents

Finding the information needed to do a job right, takes a small amount of time. Multiply that by several people over a few weeks and that time can add up. With one click, your or any member of your team can find every document, form or task in your WorkWare company account.

Need to find manuals for the oven or a contract for waste disposal but can't remember the file name? WorkWare will index the contents of everything you add, so you can search for keywords inside the document.

  • Create folders for users to browse, or use deep search to surface information hidden inside your existing files.
  • Grant viewing or editing privleges to individual team members or to entire teams, stores or franchisees based on their role.
  • Preview, print and read documents without having to download them first.
  • Hide sensitive documents and forms from team members who don't require access.
Smart Folders

No more forgotten Tasks. No more bottlenecks

Even with the best intentions, it's all too easy to forget to complete critical tasks at busy times. Every task, form or checklist in WorkWare can happen as a one-off or a regular event so you don't need to think about it getting done. Automatically assign completion to any of your team:

  • On a certain date, time or on a regular, repeating schedule
  • When another task is completed
  • When an external event has occurred such as a new supplier being created in your accounts package, or a cold store falling below temperature.

Need to notify maintenance when a fridge fails? Or perhaps you need to schedule an assessment once a team member completes their monthly budget review?

Use work-flows as a simple way to build otherwise complex systems that ensure there’s never a bottleneck or delay in getting things done.

Assign Tasks

Create New Procedures and Guides on the Fly

Video and images are four times more likely to be remembered than text, and more when the person’s first language isn’t yours.

Document new guides and procedures from directly within the app, recording video and taking photos directly from your tablet or mobile as you need them.

Create New Procedures

Track Changes and Updates to Key Documents

WorkWare's document control procedures are designed to comply with typical requirements of all modern quality management systems including ISO, SALSA, NSI and BRC. Every change to a document is tracked and the previous version archived. You can even track changes to external documents like equipment manuals or supplier specification sheets.

Control who can create and release documents or implement a process that requires a member of your team to approve updates first.

Track Changes

View your existing documents on any device

Your team can access WorkWare on mobile, tablet, PC or Mac and your existing documents are made available regardless of what device they’re using.

For even more flexibility, convert existing Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files. Give your team access to make changes and updates, and view all of your documents on any size screen.

View on Mobile

See WorkWare in Action

Schedule a demo of WorkWare and see how easily you can manage systems, tasks and inspections in your business.