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Creating innovation in mature industries

Drawing on combined experience in software development and operations management in the food and hospitality sector, we saw a problem

Companies who employ desk-based staff have a plethora of SaaS based tools at their disposal to manage their people and processes. Those tools do an amazing job of documenting systems, allocating tasks and ensuring accountability.

Companies that employ manual, retail and non-desk based staff lack the same tools built to address the challenges that they exclusively face such as:

  • Communicating with employees who don’t have a work email or don’t access their email on a regular basis.
  • Providing on-the-job access to documentation and information in environments where using a desktop machine wasn’t practical or possible.
  • Handling security in retail environments where multiple staff will access software on the same device.
  • Managing repetitive smaller tasks and checks that occur on a regular basis but sometimes need to be completed by law.
  • Working with a high-turnover and sometimes relatively low-paid workforce, where tasks are not always completed to the same standard.
  • Getting visibility over the accurate completion of processes and systems when an organization is spread over multiple locations.

Solving these issues was our motivation to create WorkWare

Headquarted at Rebirth House next to Manchester United football stadium in the city's iconic Trafford Park, we have experience in creating data driven software across many varied industries. Being based at the heart of Manchester’s industrial sector among many of our target clients, has shortened the feedback cycle. We developed and refined the product ‘live’, refining for usability first and functionality second.

Unlike other software vendors, WorkWare was developed from a user’s perspective rather than a developer’s one. Every member of the product team has spent time working in the types of business we serve to gain a greater understand of our client’s use case.

Our software drastically reduces errors and increases accountability. This translates to a better experience for our client’s customers and end-users.

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