Partner Program

The start of a perfect relationship.

WorkWare helps your clients to implement and monitor the systems that you've recommended, while building a complimentary revenue stream for your organisation.

Retain control with Special Privileges

Special privileges allow our partners to make remote changes to their client's or franchisee's accounts

  • Add or update documents, forms and inspections with full visibility on whether it's been read.
  • View tasks and checklists the moment they're completed or overdue, without needing to scan documents or physically be on site.
  • Manage multiple locations centrally and spot breakdowns in procedure without having to manually search for and review paper documents.
Special privileges

Shared Libraries and Templates

Partner accounts give you access to a shared library of documents, forms, checklists and information used in your other installations or outlets.

  • Rapidly create new stores or offices with a full set of documents, procedures and checklists that you’ve already created.
  • Save time in having to collate and distribute packs of paper forms and brochures.
  • Instantly provide access to digital manuals and brochures for commonly used equipment and software.
Shared Libraries

Generate a predictable recurring income

As a WorkWare Partner you get up to 35% off the standard subscription cost, free training, promotional material, a dedicated account manager and more.

Our partner program is the ideal complement for:

  • Franchisors
  • Business growth and development consultancies
  • Accountants, Coaches and Business Advisors
  • Health and Safety and Quality Management consultants
Recurring Income

Operational Support

Get assistance from a dedicated account manager on implementation strategy, promotion and client on-boarding.

No upfront cost or investment

Extend the range of services you can offer to your clients without the time, support and investment needed to create new products.

Branded Accounts

Maintain consistency. Add your corporate branding and logo to all of your client accounts.

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