Safeguarding your information

Security is an important concern for organisations utilising the cloud. Our product and our development practices are designed with data security in mind. We pride ourselves on the highest security and integrity of your data, and protect that data against security threats or data breaches.


Application Security

We provide multiple layers of security within WorkWare

256 Bit SSL Encryption

We utilise industry leading technology and best practices shared with PCI-compliant organisations to keep your data safe. This means the highest encryption standards available, including 256-bit SSL encryption (the same technology that banks use to keep your account information safe).

This ensures all communications to and from WorkWare are encrypted with a bank-grade security protocol.

Location, Company and User role separation

Within each account, all data is separated between different companies, locations and user-levels. This ensures there is no chance for data from one company or location to see another location’s data (unless you choose to share that information). We also separate data by user level providing a virtual wall to prevent users without the right permission accessing data they shouldn’t see.

Data Center Security

We choose the most secure and reliable data-center providers as partners.

Our primary servers are hosted in a state-of-the-art, private owned data center located in Michigan, USA. This centre is manned 365.25 days a year by onsite security trained technicians.

Document Storage

Your uploaded documents and images are stored in Amazon’s AWS cloud storage infrastructure, the same storage service used by over 2,000 government agencies worldwide.

This provides a scalable and redundant document storage infrastructure backed by Amazon’s 99.99% uptime service level agreements.

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